Here are some resources to help you make the most of ham radio in the Black Rock desert:

  • Some key frequencies you should know about and program into your radio before you venture out into the Black Rock.
  • Instructions for our 911 phone patch which allows you to make telephone calls from the Black Rock desert using your HT.
  • How to join the EchoLink network and be able to monitor our UHF repeater and chat with your friends in the Black Rock from your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android phone.
  • A e-mail list you could join:
    • Burninghams -- e-mail list for ham radio at Burning Man. As opposed to Black Rock Hams (which runs year around), this list focuses on the Burning Man event and is usually silent until a month or two before Burning Man.
  • Our super-quick IRLP tutorial.
  • The Friends of Black Rock, a non-profit that helps manage the resources of the Black Rock Desert region and educates the public to foster stewardship and preserve its unique character.

Have suggestions for other resources? Tell us via our contact page.